What if we lived in a world where being unemployed meant you couldn’t get a job? Literally, if you were unemployed, employers in this fictitious world threw away your application. Believe it or not, this is the current trend in our glorious United States of America. When I found out about this I almost vomited. I am proud of this country. I’m about a patriotic as it gets. Hell, I even used to own nine guns, which seems to be a criteria for patriotism these days. After the stomach pains subsided, stage two slipped in. This is where I suddenly wanted to unsheath a sword and scream freedom down a grass covered hill. I was and am pissed. The American Dream is dying and it serously needs defribullator.

Simple answer: Make it illegal for employers to reject unemployed applicants by passing the Fair Employmentk Opportunity Act of 2011.

With unemployment hovering around 9%, what these companies are doing is vile. These counterintuitive practices do nothing more than ensure we swell the ranks of the poverty.

To give some context, you know that lovely online job board Monster.com, well they recently became monsters. Sorry about the pun. They are allowing job advertisements that will not accept the unemployed. Even after a petition with upwards of 60,000 signatures asking them to stop they only sent a letter to the petition creators threatening defamation.

Help end this terrible practice. Call your senator and ask them to support the Fair Employment Opportunity Act of 2011, share this article with your friends, and subscribe to Political Verve to promote progress and the American dream.

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